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Investing for beginners: Why do we invest?

Here's the first part in a new occasional series of articles aimed at absolute beginners to investing. Apples for teacher appreciated.

Weekend reading: The agony of alpha

The irrelevance of alpha for private investors, plus the rest of the week's good reads…

Freetrade: how to build your portfolio

Mobile trading apps are on the rise. Here's how to run a good passive investing strategy on Freetrade using ETFs.

Weekend reading: Just the links, ma’am

Straight to the best of the week's money and investing posts…

Should you hold cash instead of bonds?

Is there any point in bonds any more, when you can get a higher rate of interest from a savings account?

Weekend reading: Is cash kaput post-Covid-19?

What caught my eye this week. I have mentioned before my group of friends on an email list who’ve been debating Covid-19 since January. Well, this same group of friends was previously preoccupied by arguing the future of cash. I think cash use is doomed to dwindle in the West, probably fast. Most of them […]

Dividend Growth Investor

Warren Buffett: America's Youngest Early Retiree

In 1954, Warren Buffett got a job at Graham-Newman, which was a value investing company with an impressive track record. The company was managed by Benjamin Graham, the author of Security Analysis and The Intelligent Investor. Benjamin Graham is said to be the father of value investing, and one of the original security analysts to put security analysis on the maps. His annual salary was...

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BP Cuts Dividends by 50%

British based energy giant BP PLC (BP) cut dividends by 50% to 31.50 cents/share for each American Depository Receipt ( minus any ADR fees). This was the first dividend cut for BP since 2010, when it had a costly oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This is the second oil major to cut dividends, after Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.B) cut dividends at the end of April 2020. The turbulent global economy,...

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Nine Dividend Paying Companies Raising Dividends Last Week

As part of my monitoring process, I review the list of dividend increases every week. This exercise helps me to monitor existing portfolio holdings, and to identify promising companies for further research. I tend to focus my attention on companies with at least ten years of annual dividend increases. This activity helps me to focus on companies with a higher chance of delivering sustainable...

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Money Bulldog

Is It Worth Booking a Holiday in 2020? Or Even 2021?

As the UK’s lockdown restrictions begin to ease, many of us are starting to get back to a more normal life again. Among other things, this means wondering how soon we can start travelling. Would it be a sensible decision to travel this year or next?  Where Can You Travel To Abroad? At the time

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Switchd Review: Find the Best Energy Deals

Are you fed up paying too much on your energy bills? Switchd is a new type of energy comparison service that promises to let you take a smarter approach to saving money. At the start of 2020, the National Audit Office said that British households had paid £800 million more than they should have done

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4Paws Pet Insurance Review

In this 4Paws pet insurance review, we look at what the company has to offer pet owners like us. We’ll see what types of cover 4Paws* offer, as well as what levels of cover they have available. Then we’ll take a look at some of the vet fee limits and explain how their different policies

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