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Heathrow Airport seven-hour queues 'inhumane', say passengers

Travellers complain of having to queue for up to seven hours because of new Covid measures at border control.

Zoom sees more growth after 'unprecedented' 2020

Zoom boss calls working from home "new reality" and predicts growth - but not at last year's pace.

Vauxhall: Business Secretary 'hopeful' over car plant future

The owner of the Ellesmere Port factory, which employs about 1,000 workers, is in talks with the government.

Joe Biden takes swipe at Amazon over union fight

As Amazon workers vote on joining a union, the US president says "there should be no intimidation" from employers.

Covid: 'People are tired of working from home'

Canary Wharf expects people to return to the office but may choose home working some of the time.

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