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Given the recent proliferation of robo-advisors, you’d think it’s almost passé to have a human manage your investments in 2018. With the launch of numerous automated advisories in recent years and increased competition within the industry, it all boils down to good news for consumers.

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worldwide: Assets under Manegement in the "Robo-Advisors" segment amounts to US$401,926m in 2018. The Robo-Advisors segment contains private asset management providers who offer automated online portfolios in which private investors can choose investment volumes depending on their scope and private appetite for risk.

Robo Advisors: Online Financial Advisors with Automated ...

BII Robo advisors are steadily growing in popularity, and these online investment advisors are threatening to take massive amounts of business away from traditional financial advisors.

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Flickr / Randy Heinitz It's the rise of the machines.. Robo-advisors, which have made headlines in recent years, are online investment management sites like Wealthfront and Betterment that manage your investments for you through unique algorithms.

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By tech start-up standards, robo-advisors are already approaching middle age. Betterment, the pioneering robo-advisor and still the largest of the independent firms, turned seven in May.

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