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52 week: -
EPS: 0
Market Cap: M
Price to Free Cash Flow: (TTM)
Free Cash Flow: (TTM)
LT Debt to Equity: (TTM)

5Yr Return on Equity: %

Price to Sales:



EPS 5 Yr. Growth Rate:

Yield: %
Dividend Per Share:
Payout Ratio: %
Cash Flow Coverage Ratio:
5 Year Yield Average: %
5 Year Growth Rate: %

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Ratings Guide
Here at Market Investment we are looking for solid value investments. Our indicators are based on the following criteria:
Revenue Growth - We are looking for at least 10% revenue growth over the last 5 years.
Earnings Growth - Again at least 10% growth over the last 5 years.
Return on Equity - ROE of at least 15% over last 5 years.
Debt to Equity - 40% or less.
Price to Sales Ratio (price/revenue per share) - Less than 2.
PEG Ratio (Price to earnings ratio / earnings growth) - Less than 2.
Free Cash Flow Payout Ratio - Less than 60%.