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Financial Derivatives Company offers quality quantitative and qualitative research to provide insight for investment decisions in Sub-Saharan Africa especially Nigeria.

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The leverage problem facing the global economy these days is not excessive lending on housing, as it was in 2005-06, but exposure to derivatives.

Futures and Forwards

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A financial contract obligating the buyer to purchase an asset (or the seller to sell an asset), such as a physical commodity or a financial instrument, at a predetermined future date and price.

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A clear, practical guide to working effectively with derivative securities products. Derivatives Essentials is an accessible, yet detailed guide to derivative securities. With an emphasis on mechanisms over formulas, this book promotes a greater understanding of the topic in a straightforward manner, using plain-English explanations.

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Derivatives Essentials: An Introduction to Forwards, Futures, Options and Swaps (Wiley Finance) - Kindle edition by Aron Gottesman. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Derivatives Essentials: An Introduction to Forwards, Futures, Options and Swaps (Wiley Finance).

Options and Swaps

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Swaps can be a very confusing topic at first, but this financial tool, if used properly, can provide many firms with a method of receiving a type of financing that would otherwise be unavailable.

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Today, swaps are among the most heavily traded financial contracts in the world: the total amount of interest rates and currency swaps outstanding was more than $348 trillion in 2010, according to Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

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Derivatives as an asset class are divided into three groups of instruments: futures / forwards, swaps and options. futures - the number of "underlying asset" is strictly defined, and the parties agree only on price. Futures are freely traded on the stock exchanges.